With over 30 years experience, Steve provides dogs and trains handlers around the world for many types of scent detection. More info here.

Canines For Conservation

Dogs can be trained to detect many different species. Steve’s dogs are trained to indicate from a distance so wildlife are not disturbed.

New Book

My book “Working Dog Heroes” has now been released and is available for purchase. You can get it in hardcover, and as an e-book from Kindle and iTunes.

Training Courses

Steve offers several training courses for handlers, specific subject workshops and can also be a guest speaker for your event. Get more info here.



Becky is my new canine conservation dog.

She is 10 weeks old here, and already I know she is going to be brilliant.

I’m looking forward to the day when she is ready to be working.

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All enquiries for work, appearances and training are welcome. Contact Steve by email or phone 0419 983 164.