Hillary Cherry with Ryan Tate at Kosciuszko National Park with detection dogs Sally and Conner

It is very unusual for two detection dogs to indicate on the same target odour at the same time!

But that is exactly what happened when Ryan Tate from Tate Animals joined Hillary Cherry from the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage at Kosciuszko National Park.

Steve trained Sally, the black Cocker Spaniel and working English Springer Spaniel Conner, a working english springer spaniel was taken up at Kosciuszko National Park recently. Steve trained both of these dogs to detect the noxious Orange Hawkweed.

Picture this…..Sally comes in from the left, Conner comes from right out of thick cover and they both met nose to nose on an Orange Hawkweed rosette! It is very unusual for two dogs to indicate at the same time on the same target odour.

Ryan said they took this photo just after both dogs simultaneously indicated on a tiny plant on a previously ‘cleared site’.

Steve said it is very satisfying to see dogs that he has trained being being so well handled in the field to accomplish finds like this and says thank you Hillary and Ryan!

Great handlers really do make a huge difference.

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