New! Melbourne Workshop with Vicki Austin

Do you live in Melbourne?
Vicki is conducting a Dog Training Insight Workshop for Chews Australia and everyone is invited.

Date: Sunday 29 May 2016
From: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Location: Quest Melbourne Airport Apartments, 20 Annandale Road, Melbourne Airport

This course will explore the human/dog relationship and attendees will learn the brilliant simplicity of training demonstrated by a range of techniques of positive reinforcement under operant conditioning. It also investigates the role of pavlovian/classical conditioning in training, concluding with how and when the use of positive punishment under operant conditioning is appropriate and its possible detrimental side effects.

This presentation is suitable for anyone working in the dog training industry or participating in dog sports. Anyone who is currently working and/or studying in the animal industry will gain from attending this workshop.

It will give the uninitiated an introduction to the joys and complexities of dog training and broaden the knowledge of those who have already commenced the journey in this fascinating field of dog training and behaviour.

Book on Chews Australia website or phone Tammie Willersdorf on 0412 256 655 for more  information.

Go along and meet Vicki and learn a fascinating insight into your relationship with your dog!



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