Weed detection dogs album Australia’s first weed detection dogs. Missy, Sally and Conner.

Cheetah detection in Namibia album Searching for Cheetah for research purposes

Macquarie Island album Steve trained detector dogs to search the entire 22sq kilometres of Macquarie Island.

Prague Championships album Judging at Int Championships Defence Dogs Czech Defence and Customs

Australia Post stamp album Australia Post honours the detection dogs of Macquarie Island with a new stamp series.

Fox detection Tommy and Bolt on the job for Tweed Shire Council

Australia Zoo album

Channel 7 interview for cane toad detection dogs album Channel 7 interviewed Steve and his cane toad detection dogs 2013. Steve still conducts cane toad detection at Moreton Island.

Rockhampton Zoo and GAP conference album For something a bit different, I trained The Colonel to come!

Moreton Island album Steve does regularly detection of the entire Island to ensure there are no cane toads.

Sixty Minutes album

National Geographic album

Parks & Wildlife album

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