I have written this work book and normally only make available at seminars and workshops. However I have decided to offer it to everyone! “Motivating Miracles” is a work book for the professional K9 trainer or those involved in serious K9 training.

Please understand it is not a ‘Sit-Stay-Drop-Come When Called’ book. It is a book explaining how to motivate your dog to become a better detector dog, a better competition dog, and a better and more motivated dog all round. It has plans and pages to copy so you can set out your own plan for your OWN dog.

The book is used in agencies all around the world and this is its 5th re print. You can order here now via Paypal where you can pay with your credit card or paypal account. Orders will be shipped out directly from our office within 24-48 hours of receipt of your order.



My book “Working Dog Heroes” sold out so the second print has just got delivered to stores. 

You can still download the e-book from Kindle and iTunes.

Working Dog Heroes book. Author Steve Austin

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