Whilst based in NSW, Australia, Steve Austin is not restricted geographical situations, as he operates throughout Australia and overseas.

The expanse of work continues to grow as well as an ever increasing number of organisations and government departments requested his consulting services.

Steve’s range of services include but not limited to:

  • Conservation detection for preservation of wildlife with the use of a canine
  • Feral animal detection and management with the use of canine
  • Pest control with the use of canine
  • Quarantine and Customs canine consultancy and training for canines and handlers
  • Drugs / Narcotics canine consultancy and training for canines and handlers
  • Explosives canine consultancy and training for canines and handlers


Here is a snippet of Steve Austin’s recent and ongoing work. 

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Department of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts – PARKS AND WILDLIFE SERVICE Detector Dog Unit for pest eradication Macquarie Island- Steve was contracted by the Tasmanian government to train hunting dogs for an environmental project on Macquarie Island, a World Heritage site that is home to several endangered species. After being invaded by non native vermin that have been jeopardising the sustainability of vegetation and native species Steve’s dogs, were part of the team that successfully eradicated all vermin on the island….a world wide first!

ABC Landline TV show did an excellent presentation on this outcome.  Watch video here.

NSW Parks and Wildlife – Detection of endangered bird species and detection of feral animals such as fox and feral cat.

World Wildlife Fund, Germany  – Trained two dogs to detect mahogany timber hidden and smuggled amongst plantation timber.  Mahogany timber is being taken illegally from Orangutan habitat of South East Asia and also from South America.

Tasmania Quarantine –  Steve continues the important task of training scent detector dog teams (dogs and handlers) to protect Tasmania’s flora and fauna as well as the agriculture industry.

TAFE NSW, Sydney Institute –  Steve and Vicki provide several education opportunities for professional dog trainers and handlers or those aspiring to become so, as well as dog enthusiasts and sporting competitors.

Riverview Animal Hospital –  Sydney.  Steve continues to conduct puppy classes when he is available.  The classes enable to Steve to keep in touch with issues faced by pet owners.  Puppies that receive appropriate socialisation experience and environmental conditioning are less like to find themselves in welfare organisations in the future.  Good puppy classes can make all the difference!

NSW Parks and Wildlife – Training dogs to detect cane toads which are having a devastating impact on native fauna.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy – Detection of feral cat and fox.

Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia, Africa – Training dogs for scent detection to find cheetah scat for vital genetic research.

NSW Fire and Rescue and NSW State Emergency Services – Director of Canine training and Lead co-ordinator of the volunteer Search and Rescue dog teams.

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