Services and Consultancy

Below is a range of services already being offered by Steve Austin.

If you have a specific requirement or service, please contact Steve so he can determine exactly what you require and how he can help.

Detection for Conservation

Tracking and flushing using canines for many animal species, particularly endangered. Applications including management of habitats for preservation purposes or eradication of rabbit, feral cat, fox, cane toad, etc. Also, research applications including location of nesting penguins, species-specific scat, etc.

Dog & Handler Accreditation

No matter what canine work is being done it is imperative that both the handler and the dog maintains a high standard, particularly when working around members of the public. And this is even more important when there are a operate a team of handlers to ensure consistency. Steve will formerly accredit your dogs and handler to ensure the highest standard is maintained and methodology is kept up to date.


Private consultations for behaviour modification for pets or professional canines is offered when Steve is available. Sessions run for approximately 60 -90 minutes.

Alternatively, Vicki Austin is also available for private consultations. Call Vicki direct on 0411 390 927 or visit her website at

Dangerous Dogs

One day workshops are available by private consultation for councils, non profit organisations, government departments or individuals.   Alternatively you can join specified dates at Steve’s training conducted at the TAFE, NSW, Ultimo campus. Get more info on the TAFE courses here.

Participants will learn about the canine body language of aggression and will experience applicable PPE (personal protection equipment). They will have the opportunity to experience a dog bite through a protective sleeve. The presentation is particularly suitable to anyone who encounters dogs through their work or hobby pursuits: council rangers, parks and wildlife officers, meter readers; police; veterinarians and their staff; professional dog trainers and handlers; dog enthusiasts.

Scent Detection

There’s nothing more effective for locating something than a dogs nose! Canine scent detection is available for a wide range of applications including termite, narcotics, truffle, wildlife scat, fox scat, explosives, cane toad, quarantine contraband, mahogany timber, endangered species, firearms…..or any new idea that you come up with!      

Steve can either provide you with a scent detection service as required, or he can train your staff for conducting the searches.

My Philosophy

Steve Austin with MissyWhen dealing with animals, it is critical to remain calm, quiet and in control of your emotions.

Rewarding animals for offering correct behaviours, has huge advantages over correcting animals for doing incorrect behaviours.

Finding the right reward when training animals is extremely important.

Short and positive training sessions are the key to successful results. Small steps of success are better than giants leaps of failure.

Be consistently inconsistent. What I mean by this is don’t do the same thing over and over. Just like us dogs get bored so keep training interesting.

When training animals don’t forget the owner, as they often need more training than their animal.



Whilst based in NSW, Steve Austin is not restricted geographical situations, as his services extend throughout Australia and overseas.

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