Training Courses and Workshops

Various educational opportunities are offered through TAFE NSW, Sydney Institute at the Ultimo Campus, including:




The Austin’s Statement Of Attainment In Dog Training 

Become a dog trainer, improve your skills, increase your knowledge. This course is ideal for Professional or competitive dog handlers or trainers, and those wishing to enter into the field. Dog club instructors. Kennel attendants. Dog welfare shelter carers. Veterinary nurses. Read More

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Steve Austin’s Dangerous Dog Assessing and Handling Workshop

Learn how to identify the language of canine aggression and the appropriate responses to avoid or minimise injuries.  Participants will experience the use of personal protection equipment and be offered an opportunity to experience a dog bite from a trained dog on a protective sleeve. Read More

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Vicki Austin’s Holistic Dog Training Workshop

Through her consultation service for dog training and behaviour modification, Vicki is witnessing an increase in anxiety related issues.  With a philosophical approach, Vicki explores the simple brilliance of positive reinforcement and provides explanations as to why it sometimes seems to fail.  The presentation is thought provoking for experienced trainers or can be a good introduction to the subject of dog training and behaviour. Read More

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Training and Assessment Videos for the CDCC

Have you seen a professionally trained dog going through the paces before for conservation detection work starts? With focus, dedication and some hard work, you could achieve this level also and a great place to start is with the TAFE courses!

Demands for conservation detection dogs are increasing so it is imperative to establish a minimum standard at which a detection dog is expected to deliver. 

The Canine Detection Certification Council has been created to establish a benchmark of a performance minimum so that government departments, private organisations, and handlers can be readily identified as being assessed and highly proficient in their target odour(s).

Watch five of the assessment videos here.