Meet Steve Austin

Steve Austin Canine Training is a specialist business providing handling and training services for canine detection, canine conservation, canine and handler training, education seminars and courses.

Range of services include but not limited to:

  • Conservation detection for preservation of wildlife with the use of a canine
  • Feral animal detection and management with the use of canine
  • Pest control with the use of canine
  • Quarantine and Customs canine consultancy and training for canines and handlers
  • Drugs / Narcotics canine consultancy and training for canines and handlers
  • Explosives canine consultancy and training for canines and handlers

Whilst based in NSW, Steve Austin is not restricted geographical situations,
as he operates throughout Australia and overseas.

Steve Austin is regularly called upon by several agencies around the world including:

  • Tasmania Quarantine
  • Australian Government Departments
  • New Caledonia Quarantine
  • Australian Army
  • NSW Corrective Services
  • Local Government
  • Czech Republic
  • The LAPD
  • The Armed Forces
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Cheetah Conservation Fund

Steve Austin is an Aussie larrikin – brash, no bulldust, but with a warm heart and the unique skill to tame the wildest dogs. When Steve Austin was just 13 he trained his black mutt ‘Sooty’ to entertain crowds outside the pub. This was when he realised he had a unique talent.

Steve was chosen to head the NSW Emergency Volunteer Canine Fire and Rescue Unit. This unit-the first of its kind in Australia will be deployed to help with recovery efforts during tsunamis, earthquakes, fires and floods.

Despite his typical Aussie larrikin nature or maybe because of it, Steve is often invited to lecture and help at zoos around the world. He’s also a regular at American Law Enforcement Agencies and was asked to train dogs in bomb detection at the Mount Everest Kennel Club in Kathmandu. Steve is a more of a steak and chips kind of guy but he trained the first ever truffle detector dogs. Pigs across France now hate Steve Austin!

One look at Steve’s list of qualifications and his resume will tell you this guy is the real deal, but when you meet him and watch him work you immediately realise that this man has a relationship with dogs that is truly special. He loves them and they love him and, it’s unconditional.

Steve is high in demand for consultations, presentations both in Australia and overseas, provision of fully trained detection dogs on a huge range of target odours and so much more.  Contact Steve for more information.

Download:  Steve Austin Resume-2018



Whilst based in NSW, Steve Austin is not restricted geographically,
as his services extend throughout Australia and overseas.

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