Dangerous Dog Assessment and Handling Workshop at your premises

The workshop targets individuals who need to interact with dogs during the execution of their work duties, including: postal workers, meter readers, veterinary staff, kennel hands, rangers, police officers, ambulance officers, dog trainers and handlers.

Full Day Course

This full day course provides participants with instruction and hands on learning to identify the language of canine aggression and the appropriate responses to avoid or minimise injuries. Participants will experience the use of personal protection equipment and be offered an opportunity to experience a dog bite from a trained dog on a protective sleeve.

The course can be conducted at your premises at a time convenient to you. Get a group together or talk with your manager to arrange work colleagues to individualise a course for your specific needs. These courses are in high demand and it is recommended to book well in advance. Steve conducts this course throughout Australia. Travelling costs are applicable outside of Sydney. Investment – $1750 + gst

Between 1-3 May there were a total of 51 Brisbane City Council staff and a further 2 from the AWLQ that had the pleasure and benefit of attending Steve’s training.

Overwhelmingly all attendees have reported absolute satisfaction on the professionalism and knowledge that Steve demonstrated over the training dates. The theory and the related practical learnings were well received. The skills taught were relevant and will be easily applied during the course of the attendees work. The training has been described as the best ever.

Steve was able to relate to a diverse group, quickly understand the responsibilities of their day-to-day work and subsequently deliver expert training that exceeded expectations. Furthermore, the timeliness of the administrative and pre-course communication was also highly regarded and appreciated.

This was a wonderful experience across all aspects of dealing with your organisation.


David McGregor
Supervisor – City Safety
City Safety I Compliance and Regulatory Services
Lifestyle and Community Services

I thoroughly enjoyed our morning at Campbelltown Animal Care Facility spent understanding more about aggressive dog behaviour.  Your knowledge, expertise and passion for what you do shines through and we all really enjoyed the training. Once again, many thanks for such an informative day.
Learning & Development – Campbelltown City Council

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