Dog Training Insight Workshop

We have created a new website that will stage our online courses that are currently being developed. Vicki Austin is launching a brand new Dog Training Insight Workshop.  

With a philosophical approach, Vicki explores the simple brilliance of reward based training and provides explanations as to why it sometimes seems to fail.

Vicki will come to your group to conduct this one day presentation.

Vicki is a professional dog trainer with over 30 years of experience. She offers an understanding as to why our training efforts sometimes seem to fail. She questions the reality of never resorting to punishment based techniques and the unwanted side-effects of such applications.

This course will look at the human / dog relationship and participants will learn the brilliant simplicity of training demonstrated by a range of techniques of positive reinforcement under operant / instrumental conditioning. It also investigates the role of Pavlovian / classical conditioning in training.

This presentation is suitable for those with a curiosity about dog training; anyone working in the dog training industry; or participating in dog sports. It will give the uninitiated an introduction to the joys and complexities of dog training and stimulate thought in those with experience.

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