Sally. Feral cat detection dogSally is a wildlife ranger on four legs trained by Steve Austin to scent track feral cats in Mornington Sanctuary Nature Reserve in The Kimberley.

Not many people realise that feral cats kill over 2 million native Australian animal species every year across northern Australia Steve Austin trains conservation dogs as part of the Australian Wildlife conservancy Program which aims to stop and reverse the tide of wildlife extinctions that is occurring across northern Australia.

Sadly, there is currently no broad-scale solution to controlling feral cats although AWC is undertaking ground-breaking research to address this issue.

Sally, Australia’s only specially trained Feral Cat Detecting Dog, plays a crucial role in this research, by helping us to track down feral cats which AWC’s team of ecologists then fit with special radio-transmitting collars.

Sallys-domainOne possibility that AWC is investigating is whether Dingoes could in fact be our best defence for controlling feral cats. This research may well deliver an effective solution to one of the greatest challenges currently facing northern Australia’s wildlife. The program helps secure the survival of a host of threatened species, like the Northern Quoll and the Gouldian Finch, for future generations of Australians.

Please visit to find out more about Australian Wildlife Conservancy and this project.

Channel 9’s Sixty Minutes did a great story about this. Watch it here.

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