2 detection dogs indicate for same scent at same timeSteve finds working with dogs for the purposes of conservation of species to be very rewarding as a dogs scent achieves incredible results in a very quick timeframe that leads to solutions and information to help save endangered species.

According to the IUCN Red List of endangered species, Australia has 86 animal species that are considered ‘critically endangered’. This list includes mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, arthropods, fish, molluscs and echinoderms. Steve’s list of species he detects is growing more and more and welcomes your enquiry to discuss your specific needs to locate species.

Steve’s dogs are also contracted to work in programs to combat invasive noxious weeds, and conducting surveys or research.

Steve’s training techniques are refined specifically to a species, the dog and the habitat.  This ensures that all species remain undisturbed in their natural habitat.  For many years dogs have been banned from entering a National Park however Steve’s expertise and control of his dogs allows him to work in these controlled situations without any impact on the wildlife or habitat.

Steve’s conservation services see him working with various Government departments, Parks & Wildlife, conservation groups, councils, wildlife sanctuaries and zoos.

As well as providing these services with his dogs, Steve trains handlers and can also provide dogs that are already trained for your specific needs.

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