Zoo Keepers Training with Steve AustinSteve is now drawing on his many years of working with wildlife species to offer training directly to staff at zoos and wildlife parks for behaviour management.

Veterinary care is critical to any species but just how can you approach a wild animal to be able to examine them or give the care? It is far more pleasant for the animals if it can actually participate with the keeper for the desired outcome.

So a very effective method in these situations is to give a command! Steve can train keepers to get their animals to do a certain behaviour on command using positive reinforcement.

An example is when an ape needs to have it’s teeth examined. Or an animal requires an injection.  Or perhaps a full body examination is required. Upon command from a keeper, the animal will open it’s mouth wide allowing visual examination or put it’s arm or leg through an access to allow the injection.

The ability to have animals do this is reliant on the skills of the zoo keeper and that specific behaviour training can be achieved through Steve’s courses.

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